Menus display a list of choices on temporary surfaces.

<Menu open={false} anchorEl={null}>


anchorElHTML element | funcA HTML element, or a function that returns it. It's used to set the position of the menu.
autoFocusbooltrueIf true (Default) will focus the [role="menu"] if no focusable child is found. Disabled children are not focusable. If you set this prop to false focus will be placed on the parent modal container. This has severe accessibility implications and should only be considered if you manage focus otherwise.
childrennodeMenu contents, normally MenuItems.
classesobjectOverride or extend the styles applied to the component. See CSS API below for more details.
disableAutoFocusItemboolfalseWhen opening the menu will not focus the active item but the [role="menu"] unless autoFocus is also set to false. Not using the default means not following WAI-ARIA authoring practices. Please be considerate about possible accessibility implications.
MenuListPropsobject{}Props applied to the MenuList element.
onClosefuncCallback fired when the component requests to be closed. Signature: function(event: object, reason: string) => void event: The event source of the callback. reason: Can be: "escapeKeyDown", "backdropClick", "tabKeyDown".
onEnterfuncCallback fired before the Menu enters.
onEnteredfuncCallback fired when the Menu has entered.
onEnteringfuncCallback fired when the Menu is entering.
onExitfuncCallback fired before the Menu exits.
onExitedfuncCallback fired when the Menu has exited.
onExitingfuncCallback fired when the Menu is exiting.
open*boolIf true, the menu is visible.
PopoverClassesobjectclasses prop applied to the Popover element.
transitionDuration'auto' | number | { appear?: number, enter?: number, exit?: number }'auto'The length of the transition in ms, or 'auto'
variant'menu' | 'selectedMenu''selectedMenu'The variant to use. Use menu to prevent selected items from impacting the initial focus and the vertical alignment relative to the anchor element.


Simple Menu

() => {
const [anchorEl, setAnchorEl] = React.useState(null);
const handleClick = (event) => {
const handleClose = () => {
return (
Open Menu
<MenuItem onClick={handleClose}>Profile</MenuItem>
<MenuItem onClick={handleClose}>My account</MenuItem>
<MenuItem onClick={handleClose}>Logout</MenuItem>